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Alumunium Oxide

Ceramic Set

Food Grade Hose

Contact Cleaner

Glass Beads

Metal Sand ​

Pack Filter

Silicone Spray

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PT Sukses Mulia Seimbang

We have over 10 years of experience supplying goods to the textile and plastics industry

PT Sukses Mulia Seimbang is a supplier/provider of goods for the Textile, Food, Beverage, Pharmacy, Plastic Film, and Petro Chemical industries (Products: Filters, Hoses, Gaskets, Metal Sand, Ceramic, Suction Devices, Aluminum Oxide, & Cutter Blades).

Purfequ World Class

Our products provide benefits to your company. Produced with very high precision and using quality materials as needed.

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Yes, we provide product guarantees, Terms & Conditions Apply

Tangerang, Banten 15810

  1. Pack Filter
  2. Alumunium Oxide
  3. Silicone Spray
  4. Ceramic Guide
  5. Cutter Blade
  6. Food Grade Hose
  7. Glass Beads
  8. Sensors
  9. Spare part
  10. Contact Cleaner
  11. Alumunium Hydroxide

Our clients come from Textile Industry, Food, Beverage, Pharmacy, Plastic Film, & Petro Chemical

Yes, we have authorized certificates for the products we sell, if needed we can attach the data.

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Textile Industry, Food, Beverage, Pharmacy, Plastic Film & Petrochemical

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